To your attention we offer the modern industrial packaging – Big-Bag (large-size soft polypropylene containers) of our own production.
Our enterprise offers a wide range of products of various designs. It is possible to produce big bags according to the individual needs of the consumer. There is a possibility of logo printing.
Now you have a unique opportunity to buy big bags at low prices. We supply our products to many cities of Ukraine. In particular, our big bags are in Lutsk, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk and others. We believe that the price for our big bags is not high and will pleasantly surprise any buyer. Our unique offer is to produce big bags with the logo of your organization, at a relatively small order amount. Number of enterprises in such cities as Lutsk, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk and others have been convinced in the high quality of our big bags. We are looking for cooperation with you!
Big bags are a large-sized package with high carrying capacity (0.5t., 1t., 1.5t.), that are complemented with slings.
Big bags are used for storage and transportation of dry bulk cargoes:

  • various types of fuel (wood pellets, charcoal, sawdust, peat briquettes);

  • granular products (grain, mixed fodder, sand sugar, salt);

  • mineral fertilizers;

  • powder and dispersive materials (cement, flour);

  • building materials (chad, sand, calx).

Big Bags are made of polypropylene fabric. They have a high safety factor and can be applied in a wide range of temperatures. In order to provide 100% moisture resistance, big bags are additionally complemented with a polyethylene liner. Liners are made of polyethylene sleeve film. The thickness of the liner is 70 microns.


Pic.1. Two loops, solid bottom

Pic.2. Two loops, lower valve

Pic.3. Two loops, solid bottom, frill

Pic.4. Two loops, lower valve, frill.

Pic.5. Two loops, solid bottom, upper valve

Pic.6. Two loops, lower valve, upper valve

Pic.7. Four slings, solid bottom

Pic.8. Four slings, lower valve

Pic.9. Four slings, solid bottom, frill

Pic.10. Four slings,lower valve, frill

Pic.11. Four slings, solid bottom,upper valve

Pic.12. Four slings, lower valve, upper valve

Soft containers advantages in comparison with other types of packaging:

  • Wide range of applications
  • Variety of constructive options
  • Small weight (at carrying capacity up to 1500 kg)
  • Low cost
  • Multiple use
  • Recyclability
  • Ease of loading
  • Storing and transporting convenience
  • Possibility of outdoor storage
  • Possibility of any type of vehicle transportation
  • Environmental friendliness