A soft container (SC), Big Bag or a polypropylene bag for bulk products is an industrial container made of a flexible material that is designed to store and transport dry loose products (such as sand, fertilizers, chad, sugar, granulated plastic and etc.).
More often Big bags are made of polypropylene or polyamide (capron) fabric, with a thickened base or without, with covering or without it. The standard dimensions of a soft container are 90×90 cm, the height is from 90 cm to 200 cm, but the parameters may differ depending on the purpose of their further usage and operating conditions. The shape of the SC often has a cylindrical or parallelepiped form. Lifting capacity of Big Bag is from 500 to 2000 kg, but there exist more voluminous (up to 3000 kg).
Thanks to itsthroughput properties , as well as its low cost and long service life, the Big Bag is the most economically profitable type of container that is suitable not only for transportation but also for temporary storage of bulk loads. Big Bags can have different dimensions, models, fabric densityand safety factor depending on the customer requirements.