The production of big bags is a promising direction in the field of manufacturing of packaging products. The name of such packaging has different versions such as big bag, SC (soft containers), polypropylene bags. However, all listed above are the same products, which differ only in model variations.
To make it easy for buyers to navigate the diversity of models, a separate classification of big bags was established. Products of this category are classified according to the following parameters such as indicators of load-carrying capacity, product material (fabric) and its density, structural features, and the presence of slings. Because of its obvious advantages big bags are rapidly gaining popularity on the market of packaging materials in Ukraine.
Big bag containers are the best packaging for your goods.
For today big bags have been recognized as universal packaging. It has already practically replaced the similar goods intended for storage and transportation of various goods. It is explained by a number of certain benefits of big bags.
Big bags have excellent indicators of volume (from 300 up to 1500 liters) and their load capacity (from 30 kg up to 2 tons). Our clients from a number of Ukrainian cities: Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Kirovograd are persuaded in that.
Slings are convenient and multifunction load-lifting elements. They are located in the corners of the product, from one up to four pieces. They are also used as handles. They may be formed as a single unit with a big bag itself or may be sewn separately. These elements are made out of ropes or ribbon.
Well thought out design of big bags means saving time and labor. Depending on the function different models may differ in the bottom and top structures. The classic type is big bag with an open top and closed bottom. For the transportation of loose cargos models with a cover or boot hatches and sleeves are suitable. Some models of containers have hatches and sleeves for unloading. All these fittings in the design of big bag greatly facilitate human labor and shorten the time in the working chain.
Bigbags are made of polypropylene fabric. The choice of fabric depends on the purpose of usage and load capacity of big bag. In this case, from one to four layers of fabric can be used in the product.
Special marking of big bags makes it easy to use. Modern big bags have special stamped signs that indicate the safety of the product (if given types are intended for transportation of cargos from 500 to 2000 kg), as well as usage times: one-time use or reusable.
Soft containers of SC and other modifications of big bags are packaging for any goods of high demand.
Soft Container is a guarantee of high-quality transportation, safe warehousing or storage of bulk products. Soft container is able to ease all of these processes and keep in order the loads.
Laminated big bag’s covering is an effective way to prevent the appearance of mold or moisture penetration. It is an economical product at an affordable price, suitable for recycling.
As manufacturers, we are ready to offer the most advantageous conditions for the big bags purchase. For wholesale buyers, there are a number of special offers that can be of high interest to our Volyn partners as well as customers from other regions of Ukraine (Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod).