We manufacture standard big bags as well as individual sizes big bags according to customer’s requirements.
There are many technologies of big bags sewing.
During manufacturing of big bags from sleeve fabric, a single use soft container is stitched with overlock machine along the sling line up to the bottom. The bottom of the big bag is sewn from below.
During manufacturing of big bags from flat fabric, two opposite sidesand bottom together are made from integral piece of fabric, and other two opposite sides are sewn separately also with overlock machine.
In case of different modifications, such as lower or upper valve, additional preparation is performed. In accordance with the valve diameter, there performed a thermal cutting of the valve cell, after that the valve itself is sewn up. If necessary, the additional protection of the valve is sewn up- galena. This valve protection device allows you to keep the valve clean and meet the hygienic safety requirements.
Manufacturing of big bags is a creative process, especially when challenging tasks should be accomplished.